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Quickshelter Limited
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September, 2023
Iluezi-Ogbaudu Onowomano - Product Designer
QShelter is a professional digital property platform providing seamless real estate solutions and mortgage penetration through technology in Nigeria and open to users globally.


In Nigeria, the mortgage sector faces several challenges that hinder its growth and effectiveness in facilitating homeownership for citizens. Some of the key mortgage problems in Nigeria include:
Limited access to mortgage financing: access to mortgage financing is constrained by several factors, including high interest rates, stringent lending criteria, and limited availability of long-term funding. Many financial institutions in Nigeria prioritize short-term lending, making it difficult for individuals to access affordable mortgage loans.
High interest rates: mortgage interest rates in Nigeria are often high, making housing loans less affordable for borrowers. High interest rates increase the cost of homeownership and deter potential homebuyers from taking out mortgages.
Short loan tenures: mortgage loan tenures in Nigeria are typically shorter compared to international standards. Short loan tenures increase monthly repayment amounts, making mortgages less affordable for borrowers and limiting the purchasing power of prospective homebuyers.
Inadequate credit assessment mechanisms: the mortgage sector in Nigeria faces challenges related to inadequate credit assessment mechanisms, leading to a lack of reliable credit scoring and risk assessment processes. This contributes to high default rates and increases the perceived risk for lenders, further limiting access to mortgage financing.
Limited affordable housing supply: the shortage of affordable housing in Nigeria exacerbates the challenges faced by the mortgage sector. Limited supply pushes up housing prices, making it more difficult for individuals to afford homes even with mortgage financing.
Informal economy and documentation challenges: a significant portion of the Nigerian population operates in the informal economy, which often lacks formal documentation of income and assets. This poses challenges for mortgage lenders in assessing borrowers' creditworthiness and increases the risk of default.
Weak legal and regulatory framework: the mortgage sector in Nigeria is hindered by a weak legal and regulatory framework, which lacks adequate consumer protection measures and foreclosure mechanisms. This contributes to uncertainty for both lenders and borrowers and hampers the development of a robust mortgage market.


Addressing these mortgage problems in Nigeria requires concerted efforts from the government, financial institutions, and other stakeholders. Measures such as lowering interest rates, extending loan tenures, improving credit assessment mechanisms, increasing affordable housing supply, and strengthening the legal and regulatory framework can help stimulate growth in the mortgage sector and expand access to homeownership for Nigerians.
I will show you how all this problems were addressed with QShelter.

Limited access to mortgage financing

Short loan tenures

High interest rates

Inadequate credit assessment mechanisms

QShelter is a revolutionary Real Estate and Mortgage App that brings together Certified Developers and Property Vendors, buyers, Mortgage Lending Institutions, PFAs, Land Surveyor, Estate Valuers and Legal experts for a credible, seamless and affordable mortgage experience.

Limited affordable housing supply

QShelter offers a wide range of affordable housing options.

Weak legal and regulatory framework

QShelter has adequate consumer protection measures and foreclosure mechanisms.

Informal economy and documentation challenges

QShelter offers the opportunity to add more income sources and pay up mortgages faster with flexible interest rates.

Lagos, Nigeria

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